Tips For Choosing a Website Designer in Bangkok


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What should you consider when choosing a Website Designer in Bangkok ?

Here are five tips from us:

1. Communication: Any designer you choose must be available. Avoid purely online engagements which can result in fraud or complete misunderstanding of your requirements. We have seen this too many times from our previous clients. Arrange a proper face-to-face sit down, and agree on the terms of your project concretely with your designer. If the designer is not available for a meeting, it’s unreliable.

2. Portfolio: To determine the quality of your designer, make sure they present their portfolio to you. This will give you an idea of their styles, and whether it matches your needs. Look for quality content as well as variety in design. Good designers are able to customize their websites to meet specific client demands. Many designers use generic templates, and claim it as their own work. It’s a total rip-off.

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3. Target Audience: Most websites aim to promote an e-commerce brand, and sell a product. Having a designer who is experienced in e-commerce will be advantageous. Whether you are targeting the Thai market, or international, make sure your designer is capable. Knowledge of SEO and other content related services are essential.

4. Reviews and Testimonials: Make sure that your designer has received positive comments from clients in the past. A website requires constant maintenance and post-launch features which are essential to keep the site running properly.

5. Price: Most importantly, make sure the prices are reasonable, and all services are included. Studios in Bangkok often overcharge their clients for what could be done cheaper. Make sure you do your market research before committing to any designer. If your project is very large, you should consider hiring an agency to make your website.

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