How a Mobile Oriented Strategy can boost your online business?

Many entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to achieve a significant breakthrough in the competitive landscape of e-commerce. At ThinkStudio we always emphasize the importance of mobile, because it can really give an edge to your business.

According to a ground-breaking study by Fact source: “8 in 10 people across all countries studied say they use their smartphone to interact with local businesses” Therefore, local businesses can put themselves on the map using a mobile oriented strategy. This will make it easier for your business to be know within your locale. There is no need to target everyone, using geolocation we can target people that are physically near your business. Whether your goal is to convince people to visit your actual store, or simply make an online purchase, we can tailor a mobile platform that is right for you.

The researchers also found out that “Across 5 markets analyzed in Latin America, Facebook app and pixel data reveal that 88% of online product browsing and 70% of purchases now take place on mobile.” The dynamism and conveniences offered by mobile platforms speaks for itself. A mobile strategy does not need to be complicated at all- you can get started with a simple website and complement it with an appealing Facebook page that matches your target and e-Commerce objectives.

1. Responsive web design solution
We build eye-catching designs for your websites using the latest technology, compatible for all modern screen sizes ranging from smartwatches to a large desktop. We guarantee our clients a pixel-perfect responsive web design layout. Our process begins with sketching wireframes to a fully function and interactive websites. Everything is done in house at We are a creative web designer in Bangkok, we provide you with modern and user friendly designs that suits your business needs.

2.Customized Web Development Solution
When it comes to Web development and design, Quality & Speed is important! At ThinkstudioBKK, a leading freelance web developer & designer in Bangkok, we are passionate about improving your website experience and your brand for a mobile-friendly ecosystem. When choosing a web developer company, PRICE is not the only factor that you should consider, a friendly and strong relationship with your designer is a must. Our web development process begins from Research to Product Testing through a disciplined and consistent approach that respects timeline and customer satisfaction.

3.Search Engine Optimization
At ThinkstudioBKK, Publishing high quality web design is not enough, search presence is also must. We provide premium quality SEO services at a very affordable price package. With more than 5 years of experience in optimizing websites for Google and other search engines, our quality content optimization can assure you to get you ranked on Page 1 with minimal drop off %. SEO will enhance your business visibility to the world and bring you closer to your customers. ThinkstudioBKK SEO freelancer in Bangkok promises to provide you with the best SEO services. Increase your website visibility to potential prospects and boost your ranking today. Lets get started!

4.WordPress Development Service
WordPress powers more than 50% of websites all around the world today. People tend to forget that anything can be possible through WordPress CMS, they often are stuck with a theory that WordPress are limited to templates and themes only! Whether you are looking to build websites that are powerful in terms of e-Commerce business model, hotel and travel booking engine, a custom website architecture to suit your business requirement is a necessary. Our WordPress developers here in Bangkok are ready to help you and consult with you for FREE. Get started!